Watto's Junkyard Tusken Slayer Master Chassis

This is a master chassis designed to fit the Watto's Junkyard Tusken Slayer hilt. This chassis is our highest tier design, the main body is printed in SLS Nylon with the accent pieces printed in Brass with optional plating.

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  • Main Body - SLS Nylon
  • Optional Lower Accent Plates - Brass
  • Crystal Chamber - Brass or SLS Nylon
  • Soundboard Cover - Brass or SLS Nylon


Supported Components

  • Proffie v2.2 or GHv3
  • 18650 Protected Button Top Battery w/ Keystone Contacts
  • 22mm KR Sabers Bass Speaker
  • TCSS OLED or Accent Neopixel Strip
  • SCW or CCSabers Neopixel Connector
  • 2x 3mm standard accent LEDs
  • 2x 2mm low-profile brass tactile switches
  • 3A Kill Switch

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