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4in MHSv1 1.24in OD Floating Chassis PIY

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This chassis is designed to sit in a 1.25in (31.75mm) ID MHSv1 extension. The chassis length is 4 inches (101.6mm) and has an outer diameter of 1.24 inches (31.496mm). There are two 0.79in (20mm) deep 0.11in (2.8mm) ID holes designed to thread 4-40 steel rods into on the top surface.

The bundle variant includes all three soundboard versions


Supported Components

  • Proffie or CFX (select correct variant for purchase)
  • 21700 Li-ion Battery (Protected, unprotected with double leaf spring terminals)
  • 1.3mm Recharge Port
  • 3A Kill Switch
  • 28mm Bass Speaker
  • Keystone Battery Contacts (1x Leaf Spring, 1x Button) or (2x Leaf Spring for unprotected cells)