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Hand of the Emperor - Preorder

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This is our idealized concept saber of the most popular female assassin from legends. Sold empty, electronics sold separately. Estimated completion is February 2022.


  • Aluminum construction with separate grip plates
  • Anodized aluminum radiator fins
  • Three part body with separate emitter, upper, and lower body
  • Two plungers for switches (lower bolts on neck)
  • Shine through blinkies
  • No visible screws on control box
  • 7/8” Blade Socket

Included in the box

  • Vented and static pommels
  • Red/Blue and Clear acrylic blinkies
  • Custom designed blade plug with shine through
  • Limited edition plaques


Installs are being offered by Diatium Customs

$150 to reserve your spot, this will go towards purchasing the bulk of the materials. (Soundboard, switches, NPXL v3, speaker, battery, chassis, etc)

Cost breakdown:
$180 for labor
$218 for parts (Proffieboard)
-minus $12 for CFX
-minus $27 for GHV3

Total cost of install: $398 (Proffie), $386 (CFX), $371 (GHV3)