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Le Petit MHSv1 Custom Saber Build

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This is a custom MHSv1 saber design meant to be compact but not lacking. Perfect as a shoto or for a youngling. This design is fairly easy to modify to accommodate different emitters and body pieces as long as you utilize a clamp and extension just below the body.


Images are of previous builds, currently sold out. May be open for commission in the future, contact us for more info.



  • MHS v1 and Replica Graflex Clamp
  • Custom finishing
  • Proffie v2.2
  • Custom Removable Shadowfoil Chassis design (117.8mm x 31.4mm)
  • Clamp chassis with two tactile switches under clamp card
  • Removable 21700 USB-C Rechargeable battery
  • Bluetooth (FSC-BT909)
  • 2x 5 pixel accent strips with dedicated data line (accent strips are wired in parallel to each other but independent of the main strip)
  • ShtokCustomWorx NPXL connector
  • 28mm Bass Speaker
  • High Amp Kill-Switch