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Shadowfoil Props

Pach Store Dark Shadowblade v2 Chassis STL Files

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This is a custom designed chassis for The Pach Store's Dark Shadowblade v2

STL = printable files, not a physical item

Round hole variant available as Neopixel or In-Hilt,

Flyte hole variant available in Neopixel configuration only.


  • Fully removable design allowing chassis to slide out from the pommel
  • Removable 18650 battery slot
  • Removable side cover to protect board from shorts
  • Slot for either SSD1306 128x32 OLED display or neopixel accents
  • Ample wiring room for all components, even with silicone insulated wire

Compatible Parts:

  • Proffie v2.2, GHv3
  • 18650 Protected Battery
  • 28mm Bass Speaker
  • 12mm AV Switch
  • 2.1mm recharge port (2x round hole hilt variant only)
  • ShtokCustomWorx NPXL Short Pin Connector (for chassis connection)
  • ShtokCustomWorx NPXL Long Pin Connector (for emitter)
  • ShtokCustomWorx 4 pole speaker/power connector (for Tri-Cree configuration)