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Saberforge Jade Fire Chassis STL Files

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This is a custom chassis designed for use with the SaberForge Jade Fire Hilt. It does not utilize AV switches but instead is designed for tactile switches mounted on the chassis allowing it to be fully removable.

STL = printable files, not a physical item

Installed photos are for reference only, this listing is for a digital file and not an installed chassis.


  • Fully Removable Chassis
  • Two options for switch rockerplates, one with holes for threading in 8-32 thread thumb screws, and one without holes for a recessed button activation
  • Space for neopixel accents
  • Press fit for Proffie v2.2 and ShtokCustomWorx NPXL connectors
  • Slot for 18650 Keystone Battery Holder
  • Slot for SSD1306 OLED Display

Compatible Parts:

  • Proffie v2.2
  • ShtokCustomWorx NPXL Long Pin Connector
  • 18650 Keystone Battery Holder
  • 28mm Bass Speaker
  • WS2812b 5050 Neopixel Accents
  • Omron B3F1060 Tactile Switches
  • SSD1306 128x32 OLED Display
  • 500ASSP1M2RE SPDT Kill Switch