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Spare Parts Saber Empty

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These are in hand now but pre-orders are shipping first priority. If you order now please expect to ship in roughly 3-4 weeks.

Spare Parts is our book version of the hilt wielded by Master Dyas prior to his demise, in which (according to legend) his former friend used his blood and organs to create a cyborg minion. Hence the name, "Spare Parts".

This hilt was lovingly designed by 5280 Concepts and Dagobah Swamp, produced by SP Sabers, Props, and Collectables, and quality control and fulfillment handled by Shadowfoil Props.

This is designed to be a different interpretation of the hilt from the previously released "The Lost One" which was based on the TCW reference material whereas this is based on the published book images.

With long elegant lines and mixed metal construction this is a premium hilt. Machined from 6061 aluminum and brass, with anodized accents, and a lightly tumbled finish our hilt kit comes with the following:

  • Full Static Assembly (Static Brass Emitter and Pommel)
  • 7/8" and 1" Emitters (Brass)
  • Vented Pommel (Brass)
  • Single Switch Setup
  • Premium Collector's Box


  • 333mm long (13.1in)
  • 33.3mm OD at center (1.31in)

Installation Info

Our eco chassis option available at release will support dual 21700 batteries, Proffie v2.2, 28mm bass speaker, kill switch, and NPXL or CCSabers pixel connectors.

Additionally 5280 Customs and Dagobah Swamp are working on a master chassis design to be revealed at a later date but ready ahead of release.