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Shadowfoil Props

Unlisted SF-BY21 "The Child" Empty Saber *EST. MAY 2021*

Regular price $158.00 USD
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A fan concept saber design brought to life. Scaled to approximate proportions for a hypothetical future for "The Child" with inspirations taken from masters past and present hilt designs. This project is our front runner and a joint effort with Phoenix Props to bring a popular fan drawing to life. Original artwork by J.T. Millstead. This is a limited run with limited quantity. Once we sell out we are out!

Dimensions: 166mm x 34mm OD (across grips)

Some Notes:

  • A chassis design will be available for purchase once validated for completeness.
  • Shipping will be billed separately on product completion. 
  • Installs are currently not being offered due to overwhelming request from preorders in order to maintain timely turnaround.

Currently in production, all orders are to be made with the expectation of delivery approximately May 2021, timeline is subject change.

Phoenix Props will be directly involved in all manufacturing and quality control, financial and logistical coordination will be handled entirely by Shadowfoil Props.